The MBS mobile baler is designed to handle a range of lite metals and can be configured with various option designs to meet site requirements.

  • Pushing force: There are three different models in the range each with varying main cylinder pushing force:
  • Shear cutter: the models can include or exclude a cutting shear
  • Each of the models can be designed to be static on hydraulic legs or mobile located on a truck.
  • Machine weights vary depending on the model: The MBS-500 weighs 50 tons including the truck.

MBS 500
MBS 500

MBS 500
MBS 500

MBS 500

Press Box Size(L*W*H/mm) 5000*2200*1100
Bale Size(w*H/mm) 750*500
Main Cylinder Size (mm) Diameter 220mm and 5410mm long
Pull Force(t) 100 tons
Production Rate(tons/hr) 6-8 tons
Shearing Frequency 20 seconds
Oil Tank Capacity(L) 7000 depending on the model
Machine Weight (ton) 45T
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