Baling machines are designed to compact materials to a physical size and weight to increase efficiency in storage and transportation.

Closed Door Baler: GB1175CLM-4


Main Cylinder Size 250 Dia
Horse Power 40HP 60HP 80HP
Feed Opening(mm) 1600x1020
Bale Chamber(mm) 750x1100x3200
Bale Dimensions(mm) 800x1150x1300
Bale Density(O.C.C) 500-720 kg/m3

GB7575C Closed Door_clean_SR
Closed Door Baler: OB-7575CL


Main Cylinder Size 250 Dia
Horse Power 40HP
Feed Opening(mm) 800x710
Bale Chamber(mm) 750x750x2200
Bale Dimensions(mm) 800x800x950
Bale Density(O.C.C) 500-720 kg/m3

Closed Door Baler: 0b-1175css


Main Cylinder Size 200 Dia
Horse Power 20HP
Feed Opening(mm) 1600x1120
Bale Chamber(mm) 1100x750x3600
Bale Dimensions(mm) 1100x750x1600
Bale Density(O.C.C) 400-500 kg/m3


Main Cylinder Size Ø125x 900st
Horse Power 10HP 20HP
Feed Opening(mm) 660x360
Bale Chamber(mm) 400x400x500
Bale Dimensions(mm) 400x400x500
Bale Density(O.C.C) Material dependent


Main Cylinder Size Ø180x 1600st
Horse Power 10HP 20HP
Feed Opening(mm) 600x420
Bale Chamber(mm) 500x500x1400
Bale Dimensions(mm) 5000x500x1600
Bale Density(O.C.C) Material dependent
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