Our Twin Ram Balers assist in the efficient, safe and solid compaction of waste. We have a range of auto baler models available, for more information, please contact our office.

Twin Ram Balers
Twin Ram Baler


Main Cylinder Size 250 Dia
Horse Power 80HP 120HP 180HP
Feed Opening(mm) 1800x1020 & 2100x1420
Bale Chamber(mm) 750x1100x3550 & 750x1500x3550
Bale Dimensions(mm) 800x1100x1400 & 800x1500x1100
Bale Density(O.C.C) 500-700 kg/m3

Twin Ram Baler: OB-1575TR


Main Cylinder Size 250/300 Dia
Horse Power 80HP 120HP 180HP
Feed Opening(mm) 1800x1420
Bale Chamber(mm) 750x1500x3450
Bale Dimensions(mm) 800x1150x1550
Bale Density(O.C.C) 500-700 kg/m3


Main Cylinder Size 200 Dia
Horse Power 40HP 60HP 80HP
Feed Opening(mm) 1200x710
Bale Chamber(mm) 750x750x2600
Bale Dimensions(mm) 750x750x1000
Bale Density(O.C.C) 400-500 kg/m3


Main Cylinder Size 125 Dia
Horse Power 10HP 20 HP
Feed Opening(mm) 625 × 460
Bale Chamber(mm) 500 × 500 × 1675
Bale Dimensions(mm) 500 × 500 × 750
Bale Density(O.C.C) 400-500 kg/m3
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